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Please read through our policies

Are you running late? No problem, we offer a 15 minute grace period. Our technicians understand that things happen and people run late, however if you are more than fifteen minutes late to your appointment it will set your technician back for further appointments. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality, and not rushed service. If you are more than fifteen minutes late your appointment may be changed or rescheduled.

How much time do I have to cancel or reschedule? What if I accidentally no show or forget to call? We allow a twenty four hour window prior to your appointment for cancellation or reschedule. We understand that life can throw a good curve ball! However our technicians are there for you, if you do not show up to an appointment or cancel with less than twenty four hours prior to your appointment, two consecutive times you will be required to submit a non refundable, non transferrable deposit prior to booking your next appointment.

What is a non refundable, non transferable deposit and why do you take them? A non refundable or transferrable deposit is an amount paid to hold your appointment after consecutive no shows or late cancellations. This amount can not be transferred to a new appointment if the original appointment is missed, and it will not be refunded. This policy exists because our technicians are there for you, when you late cancel or no show your appointment you are leaving them with a gap in their schedule and not enough time to fill that slot. This policy ensures the time of the technician.

* If two or more no shows have occurred your technician has the right to refuse service and you may no longer book services.*

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