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Preparing for your appointment

How to take care of your new lashes

Not sure what to expect?! We have you covered. 

No.1 Please do not consume caffeine rite before your appointment. Caffeine is a stimulant and weather you are aware or not the can cause your eyes to move or flutter. When a clients eyes are fluttering or moving non stop this can make your technicians job extremely difficult or even impossible. We strive to provide our clients with the best service and proper technique, which can not be done with quality if the eye is not relaxed. If this is an issue you may be asked to reschedule.

No.2 Please come with your lashes cleansed with a non oil based cleanser for a new set of lashes. 

If you already have extensions applied you should be cleansing with B.A Beauty Lounge foaming lash safe cleanser. Lashes are there to keep debris and particles out of the eyes. When extensions are added to the natural lash, especially volume they will continue to collect debris and particles. If you are not cleansed properly of dirt, build up, debris, makeup or any particles your technician may have to add the lash bath service on to your appointment.

No.3 Coming in for a fill? A fill is a one hour appointment and is not meant to be a full set of lashes. A fill consists of at least twenty five lashes still on each eye. If there are less this is considered a full set. A fill schedule is two to three weeks from your initial appointment to ensure optimal results. If you arrive with less than twenty five lashes per eye or fifty lashes total your appointment may be changed to a quick set appointment or may be rescheduled to a complete full set appointment at a later date.

No.4 Please do not wear mascara. If you are booking a new set of lashes please do not apply mascara or strip lash glue three days prior to your appointment. Mascara is tough and contains oil and other barrier creating chemicals that will coat the lashes. Strip lash glue seeps into the lashes and does not break down. Just a simple cleanse will not take off all of the residue from these products. if a coating is left on the lash, the adhesive from the extensions will not be able to penetrate therefore causing poor retention and quick shedding. If you have either of these or any residue of them on your lashes your technician may add a lash bath service or your appointment may be rescheduled.

PLEASE do not apply mascara to lash extensions, new or old.

why? Mascara will ruin the soft fans of a volume or hybrid set and make natural lashes brittle and straight. It will coat the extensions and make an impossible build up. This can cause lash damage and will require a total lash removal and fresh set.

Please watch the video below showing what mascara does to lash extensions.

The purpose of a fill. A fill is a one hour service where you will be lightly cleansed, primed and any lashes ready to shed or fall off will be removed, the remaining lashes will then be filled in. A fill is not only important in the look of your lashes but more importantly the health of your natural lashes. A regular fill appointment will help your technician give you the best results for your money!

When to utilize a mini fill. A mini fill is a great option we offer to just fill in a couple of spaces or gaps. We NEVER recommend utilizing just mini fills as up keep. As a mini fill is only a fifteen to thirty minute service you do not receive a precleanse or clean off of shedding lashes. A mini fill is only a good option if you've just had a fill but have an event and just want to make sure you're all filled up. If you would like more than fifteen lashes applied to each eye your appointment may be rescheduled to a full fill.

Coming in for a color or hair extension service? Heres how to prepare for a color appointment. Please come to your color appointment washed atleast seventy two hours before hand. If the hair is too oily, or has to much product/ oil build up the color may not be able to penetrate through the barrier causing uneven lift or full grey coverage. Our stylists want to be able to give you the best color service, so if you do have a build up you may have a pre wash added onto your appointment.

If you are receiving a hair extension application, and are not booked for a prewash service please come to your appointment with freshly washed and UN conditioned hair.

After Care

We’re Committed to You Looking Amazing

Lash After Care-

Do not get your lashes wet twenty four to forty eight  hours after application, as the adhesive will appear and feel dry but may still need time to set on the inside.

Cleanse lashes regularly with B.A Beauty Lounge Foaming Eyelash cleanser and wash brush.

Brush and or blow dry lashes after a shower 

Why am I blow drying my lashes? Well if you have some fluffy fans while in the shower the fans may close, if you blow dry on cool and then brush through them the fans will open back up and become fluffy again!

 Do not use any oil based products around your lash line, and apply and creams or oils higher than you want them so when they drop it will not be on your lash line.

Please note extremely hot or steamy showers frequently can cause lashes to prematurley shed, or loose shape.

Please watch our lash cleansing video below!

Did you just receive a color service?

If you received a toning service do not use purple shampoo until the toner has faded out as it will cause the toner to prematurely fade.

For vivid color applications, avoid washing the hair for twenty four to forty eight or more hours to wash the hair. Cool water washing is highly recommended, and a color safe shampoo Is recommended.

For a keratin treatment please do not wash for three days or more as the hair is absorbing all of the keratin it can soak up. Always use the keratin shampoo and conditioner for the best results.

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